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I am a proud Republican running for Congress because I made a promise. I made a promise to my father that I would change this country back to what it once was – a land of values and integrity. I am not a politician or career bureaucrat. I am a wife, mother, retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and a start-up small business owner. And I’ll make this promise to the people of Arizona – I will fight to repeal Obamacare; I will cut spending and debt; I will get government out of the way of small businesses; and I will pass a balanced budget amendment

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Ariz. partnership is key to F-35 success

Check out my latest editorial in the East Valley Tribune and let me know what you think!

To see the future of aviation and the undisputed standard for international air superiority at work, Arizonans will soon only have to look up. The F-35 Lightning II has arrived at Luke Air Force Base, and in a year’s time, Luke’s integrated training center will start the work of teaching the Air Force’s best pilots how to master the F-35 and leverage its unmatched combat capabilities in defense of freedom — both at home and abroad. I am not overstating facts when I say the skies over the West Valley are slated to become the most impressive classroom in the world.

Arizona’s role in the F-35 program is something to be celebrated. The F-35 is a stealth fifth generation multi-role fighter that will dominate the skies and provide critical protection to the United States and our global interests. It’s not just Luke Air Force Base playing a part. Marine Corps Air Station Yuma is home base for a fleet of the Marines’ customized variation, the F-35B, which has short takeoff and vertical landing capabilities.

More than a dozen Arizona companies are committed F-35 production partners, developing and building components of this critical national defense tool. Private sector involvement in the F-35 has meant good things for Arizona’s economy, to the tune of $98 million being injected into our economy, and more than 1,200 direct and indirect jobs supported by the program.

As F-35 production numbers increase, aircraft costs will decrease; so much so that USAF Lieutenant General Christopher Bogdan, the Pentagon’s manager of the F-35 program, said recently that in five years, the price of an F-35A (the Air Force variant) will roughly decline by half, rivaling the cost of today’s fourth-generation aircraft. As a small business owner, I know how important an economic partnership of this magnitude is for companies and workers in Arizona. But I was an Air Force pilot first. What means more to me than anything about Arizona’s contributions to the F-35 project is that every part Arizonans make and every hour Arizonans spend on the F-35 helps to secure U.S. air superiority now and for decades to come.

Air superiority cannot be maintained without fifth generation aircraft. And of fifth generation aircraft, none come close to matching the capabilities of the F-35. In a presentation to the United States House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Dr. William LaPlante said, “The F-35 is essential to any future conflict with a high-end foe. A fourth generation fighter cannot successfully compete with a fifth generation fighter in combat, nor can it survive and operate inside the advanced, integrated air defenses that some countries have today, and many more will have in the future. To defeat those air defenses, we need the F-35’s capabilities.”

That sentiment is echoed by leadership in the Marine Corps, Navy and Department of Defense.

Those piloting the F-35 will be supported by the most technically advanced aircraft the world has ever seen, one designed to prioritize their safety. Radar evading stealth, fighter speed and agility, long-range combat capabilities and 360-degree data capturing in the F-35 will equip our men and women in uniform with the tools they need to be the first to detect and respond to threats in a changing aerial battlefield. Most importantly, the F-35 will improve pilot effectiveness, helping our men and women in uniform succeed in their missions and return safely home.

It is not whether we, as a country, invest in America’s safety in the face of ever advancing threats. It’s how we invest. Where national security is at stake and taxpayer dollars are concerned, smart, enduring investments are the duty of elected officials and appointed decision makers. The F-35 is one such lasting investment. By choosing to orient America’s long-term aerial defense strategy around the F-35, decision makers are acting wisely and in our country’s best interest. Arizona is benefiting in turn.

  • Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers is a Tempe-based small business owner and holds the distinction of being one of the United States Air Force’s first 100 women pilots. She is a Republican candidate for the Arizona’s 9th U.S. Congressional District.

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Sal DiCiccio is Onboard

Today, Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio endorsed me running for US Congress. He humbled me with these words:

“Wendy Rogers has precisely the right experience we need in Congress today. She is a small business owner who understands how more taxes and regulation stifle job creation. Wendy is a 20-year military veteran who served our country proudly. I am thrilled to endorse her for Congress, because she is exactly who we need to represent commonsense solutions in Washington DC.”

We are now less than two weeks away from the end-of-quarter fundraising deadline and let’s spread this late-breaking news with your $10, $25, or more today!

Councilman Sal DiCiccio adds so much to our campaign by coming onboard. He is renowned for his exemplary skill and leadership, putting the City of Phoenix onto sound fiscal footing. Over half of Sal’s council district is in Congressional District 9. So now we have the momentum in this race to return true representation back to the Ninth District.

Please chip in $10, $25, or more NOW to grow our momentum toward Election Day!

In your service,


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Next mission for female vets: Storming the halls of Congress

Via The Washington Post

As one of the first 100 female pilots in the Air Force, Wendy Rogers, a retired lieutenant colonel turned congressional candidate, is familiar with being part of an elite group of women.

But if she is successful this November in her bid to unseat Arizona Democrat Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, Rogers will be part of an even smaller club: female military veterans who are members of Congress.

“Women vets have a unique perspective,” said Rogers, a Republican who ran unsuccessfully in 2012. “We have the nurturing and the compassion components uniquely blended into the service to country, mission-minded outlook.”

There are 1,483,600 female veterans in the United States, according to the Center for Second Service at George Washington University. Five of them have served as members of Congress. Currently two female veterans , Reps. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) and Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), are members of the House.

At least a dozen female veterans are running for Congress in 2014, perhaps the most ever, experts say.

Although some candidates are more viable than others, the rising number of willing female vets is encouraging, says Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University.

“They have a commitment to public service, running for office is an extension of that service,” Walsh said, noting that her group has just begun to keep track of female vets running in this cycle. “This has been a great credential for men who run for office, I think for women it could be an even more powerful credential.”

Suzanne Patrick, a retired commander in the Navy Reserves and Democratic candidate in Virginia’s military-centric 2nd Congressional District, said her military experience is a must.

“Being a female veteran in the second district of Virginia, brings an overwhelming advantage, I feel, to the campaign,” she said. “This is the largest military district in the country.”

She added, “The 35 years of experience in dealing with the Navy and the military that I have is a formidable asset for this district.”

Among the reasons for the increase in female veterans running for Congress are the number of women now serving in the Armed Forces, the expansion of opportunities for women inside the military and two long wars, said Seth Lynn, director of the Center for Second Service.

“It’s that commitment to service, it’s humbling and it’s really inspiring to a lot of people,” he said.

Gabbard, who was elected to the House in 2012, said that adding more women veterans to the congressional ranks would be “very significant,” particularly because so few men or women of this generation have chosen to serve in the military. She said female vets running for office should emphasize their service.

“Don’t shy away from talking about your service and how it’s impacted your life in every respect,” she said.
Last year, about 10 female vets competed in general election contests for Congress, according to Lynn’s group. But the number of female vets to win congressional seats has grown very slowly.

The first, Catherine Small Long, a Navy veteran, served only one term in 1985 after winning an election to fill her late husband’s seat. Then came former Rep. Heather Wilson (R-N.M.), the first woman to command Basic Cadet Training, who served in the House from 1998 to 2008, followed by Rep. Sandy Adams (R-Fla.) who served a single term from 2011-2013.

Martha McSally, a retired Air Force Colonel is running for the second time against Arizona Democrat Rep. Ron Barber. In 2012, McSally lost a close race to Barber in the special election to replace former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D), who resigned after being seriously wounded by a gunman who opened fire at a event the congresswoman was holding at a shopping center near Tuscon. Barber is a former aide to Giffords.

McSally said her military career has more than prepared her for the rigors of elected office – and not just from a leadership perspective.

“Politics is not for the faint of heart and in a campaign you go through a lot of character assassination and lies and people making things up about you, and it can be pretty challenging to some people,” she said. “Being a woman in the military and breaking through the barriers that I have, I’ve been through a lot of that already.”

As Congress grapples with how to prosecute sexual assaults and the chain of command in the military, the addition of more women who have experience in the Armed Forces will add unique and necessary voices to the debate, McSally said.

“Having been in the chain of command and a commander, seeing the leadership basically fail on this issue, instead of getting talking points from staff you can speak first hand from your experiences,” she said, noting that as the first female pilot to fly in combat she had broken some glass ceilings much to the dismay of some in the military.

Lynn and Walsh said given the rising interest among female veterans to get into politics, they plan to team up for the next cycle to offer a training program for those who want to run for elected office. A near-even number of Democratic and Republican female veterans are running for office.

That bipartisanship is something Rogers said she hopes to carry into a divided House, should she win her race.

“When I get to Congress, the women veterans are going to be the first ones I look up and go have lunch with irrespective of their party of affiliation,” Rogers said. “Because there is a bond, there is an understanding.”

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Join us to become a member of the Rogers for Congress Veterans Coalition

We are hosting a special military veterans meeting with Air Force Lt Col Wendy Rogers (ret) who is the leading nominee to replace Kyrsten Sinema. Arizona’s 9th Congressional District is a WINNABLE tossup district where we can make history,
but we need YOU!

Are you tired of the elitist establishment in this country who is taking away our freedoms one by one? Do President Obama’s imperious power grabs concern you? Do you want to send a 20-year operational military veteran to Washington to shake things up? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please join our fight to take this very important seat in Congress.

We will brief the current situation on the ground, as well as detail the required organization and operation to win this vital seat in November. Please bring any like-minded veterans who are willing to work alongside us. We will provide drinks and pizza for all who attend.

Date: Monday, 3 March 2014
Location: 3030 S. Rural #120, Tempe AZ 85282
Time: 17:00-19:00
Martin Mastro 480-269-0279
Mike Dickerson 808-469-1003

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Wendy Rogers Named To “Young Guns” Program By NRCC

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Wendy Endorsed by SHE PAC

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Wendy Rogers (U.S. House – AZ-9) – Wendy is the hardest working candidate we know. She is a 5th generation military officer and was one of the first 100 women pilots in the U.S. Air Force. Since her retirement, she and her husband have run a successful small business that has created more than 100 jobs for Arizonians.

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