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I am a proud Republican running for Congress because I made a promise. I made a promise to my father that I would change this country back to what it once was – a land of values and integrity. I am not a politician or career bureaucrat. I am a wife, mother, retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and a start-up small business owner. And I’ll make this promise to the people of Arizona – I will fight to repeal Obamacare, replacing it with free market solutions; I will cut spending and debt; I will get government out of the way of small businesses; and I will pass a balanced budget amendment

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‘Desperate Housewives’ Obama and Pelosi Mail Ad touting Libertarian Candidate

(PHOENIX, AZ) – The Arizona Democrat Party sent out a mail piece this week, which attempted to woo voters by touting a third-party candidate’s purported non-interference stand on national security. To date, this is the most telltale sign that national Democrats are making last-ditch efforts to keep Kyrsten Sinema’s campaign from sinking farther than it already has.

“You watch . . . when confronted with the fact that the Arizona Democrat Party spent money to promote a third-party candidate, as is typical, Sinema will try to be all things to all people and weather-vane to the moment. Kyrsten Sinema will distance herself from Arizona Democrats to “reach across the aisle” and “act independent”. For Democrats to throw money at a third-party candidate is almost unheard of,” said Rogers campaign spokesperson James Harris. “Sinema’s Democrat mailer is a crystal clear bellwether of Sinema losing big. Democrats know the district is leery of Sinema’s antics and her dangerous lack of leadership. AZ-9 wants to elect a true, hardworking servant of the people who will stand firm to serve her country . . . that would be Lt Col Wendy Rogers.”

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Nancy Pelosi’s Cronies Attempt to Salvage Sinema

“Democrats do not want to acknowledge that the Obama-Sinema agenda is bankrupting Social Security.  They just want to distract from their failures.”

(PHOENIX, AZ) – Wendy Rogers’ campaign has released the following statement regarding the recent political ad launched on behalf of Kyrsten Sinema by Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

“This is just another example of Kyrsten Sinema and her allies, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, trying to turn the conversation away from the truth.  Democrats do not want to acknowledge that the Obama-Sinema agenda is bankrupting Social Security.  They just want to distract from their failures.  Wendy Rogers will work hard to protect Social Security.  She believes that the biggest problem with the program is that Social Security is not constitutionally guaranteed, meaning Congress could decide tomorrow to spend the money elsewhere, and Wendy Rogers will work to keep that from happening,” said James Harris, spokesman for the Rogers campaign.

“Sinema and her liberal friends in Washington do not want voters to think about out-of-control spending, our stalled economy, or their horrible record on national security, including the fact that Kyrsten Sinema voted to give terrorists rights under our Constitution.  Arizona’s voters deserve answers about Kyrsten Sinema’s records, not the smokescreens her campaign and the DCCC keep putting up.”


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Wendy Rogers on the Happiness, Opportunity, and Technology Show

Listen to my interview on the Happiness, Opportunity, and Technology Show and let me know what you think!

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Allen West Backs Wendy Rogers in Arizona

Via Sunshine State News

Former U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., announced this week that his was backing Wendy Rogers, the Republican candidate running against U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz. Rogers becomes the 14th candidate backed by the Allen West Guardian Fund PAC. West praised Rogers for her service in the Air Force and her efforts to reform the federal VA department.

“Wendy is an exceptional patriot,” West wrote supporters on Friday in an email. “You can be certain a battle-hardened veteran like Wendy will fight to get to the bottom of the incompetence and cronyism plaguing not just our VA system, but Washington as a whole. And there is no doubt we need her war-fighting experience to help shape an effective strategy against the foreign threats facing our nation.”

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Wendy Rogers Urges Action to Contain Ebola, Decries Purely Political Appointment of Ebola Czar who has no Medical Experience

Calls for replacement of partisan appointee with an actual medical expert on Ebola

(PHOENIX, AZ) – Wendy Rogers announced her outrage at the appointment of Vice President Biden’s former Chief of Staff, Ron Klain to serve as “Ebola Response Coordinator” for the Obama Administration.

“President Obama’s decision to appoint Ron Klain, former Chief of Staff to Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, as Ebola czar is the height of partisan ridiculousness. Responding to Ebola requires specialized knowledge. This national emergency cannot be handled by a Beltway insider from a political perch,” said Wendy Rogers, a former Air Force clinical social worker.

She continued, “Ebola is a highly-infectious, deadly disease that requires a strong, coordinated medical response. It is not something that can be fought by wishing it away with a press conference, though that is clearly what President Obama imparts. I urge the Obama administration to reconsider this appointment, and I urge Congresswoman Sinema to join me in calling instead for the appointment of a qualified medical professional who actually can lead our nation’s response to Ebola.”

“Unfortunately, this is just the latest in a long line of operational missteps by the Obama administration, which clearly has no comprehension of how to handle such a pressing and complex health scourge. Already, the Obama administration’s mishandling of this health crisis has shaken the public trust. Now making Ebola into something purely political completely violates what’s left of that trust.”


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Wendy Rogers on the Jim Sharpe Show

Listen to my interview with Jim Sharpe and let me know what you think!

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Wendy Rogers on the Mike Broomhead Show

Listen to my interview with Mike Broomhead and let me know what you think!

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Allen West Guardian Fund Endorses Wendy Rogers for AZ-9

WASHINGTON DC, October 16, 2014 - Today the Allen West Guardian Fund PAC announced its endorsement of Wendy Rogers for Arizona's 9th Congressional District. Rogers' endorsement is the fourteenth for the 2014 election cycle, meeting the PAC's goal of "14 for '14." Voters in this Republican-leaning district have enthusiastically embraced Rogers' conservative vision.

"Wendy is an exceptional patriot," said Col. West, "She's running to represent the district where the VA scandal first erupted, and you can be certain a battle-hardened veteran like Wendy will fight to get to the bottom of the incompetence and cronyism plaguing not just our VA system, but Washington as a whole. And there is no doubt we need her war fighting experience to help shape an effective strategy against the foreign threats facing our nation."

Rogers joins Carlos Curbelo (FL-26), Martha McSally (AZ-2), Steve Russell (OK-5), Dan Sullivan (AK-Senate), Joni Ernst (IA-Senate), Will Hurd (TX-23), Barry Loudermilk (GA-11), Lee Zeldin (NY-1), Ryan Zinke (MT at Large), Dan Bongino (MD-6), Congressman Tom Cotton (AR-Senate), Larry Kaifesh (IL-8) and Mia Love (UT-4) whom have already been endorsed by the PAC.

Wendy Rogers

A 5th-generation officer in the military, Lt Col Wendy Rogers (RET) spent her career serving America as one of the first 100 women pilots in the U.S. Air Force, rising up through the ranks and continuing a family tradition of service that dates back more than 100 years.

She received her Bachelor's degree from Michigan State and her first of two Master's degrees from the University of Alabama.

Today, Wendy Rogers is a proud mother, devoted wife, and successful businesswoman. With her husband, Hal, she operates one of Arizona's top-rated property inspection companies, having provided well over 100 jobs over the past 16 years.

The Allen West Guardian Fund was established in January 2013 as a PAC to support conservative military veteran and minority Republicans running for state and federal office. The leadership PAC Colonel West established during the 2012 election cycle with the same mission helped 7 military veteran candidates win their seats in the House of Representatives, and played an important part in the run-off election in Arizona's 9th district.

For more information about the Allen West Guardian Fund, visit

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Female Vets Say They’ll Put Country First, Even On Capitol Hill


Wendy Rogers on NPR

As the war against the so-called Islamic State continues in the Middle East, political ads have for weeks been raising the specter of terrorism. And several congressional candidates with military experience say they’re the ones who can best keep America safe. Many of them are women. Only five female veterans have ever served in Congress, but 11 are running for seats this year – the most ever.

Just a few are running in competitive races, and Republican Wendy Rogers is one of them. Even if she never told you she spent 20 years in the military, you’d have a feeling.

For starters, she’s ridiculously fit at 60. She’s getting her three-year-old granddaughter and one-year-old grandson exercising on the pull-up bar at her house. And while rolling through the Phoenix suburbs on bicycle to meet voters, Rogers will note that maintaining “aircraft control” is first and foremost.

Rogers is a retired lieutenant colonel -– one of the Air Force’s first 100 female pilots. And now, she’s part of the biggest class of female veterans ever who are fighting for a seat in Congress. Back in the late 70s, three out of four members of Congress had served in the military. Now, it’s down to one in five. But the number of female veterans running for office has climbed since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This election, they’re almost evenly divided by party.

This year, Rogers is facing off against Democratic incumbent Rep. Kyrsten Sinema.

She campaigns as “Lieutenant Colonel Wendy Rogers.” Her license plate reads “AFPILOT.” On her website, there are photos of her next to the military transports she flew. Rogers says there’s a simple logic behind all this advertising.

“You only have someone’s attention for a few seconds, and imagery is very strong,” Rogers explained, “and so if I evoke that image of an Air Force pilot, that will stick.”

Flagging her time in the Air Force isn’t just a memory aide – Rogers says a military background signals other qualities that might help on Capitol Hill. Like the ability to hear the other side, even if you don’t always agree.

“We in the military are taught to lead. But we are also taught to follow and listen. No matter who is on your air crew, for example, there is a valued input which might save your life,” Rogers said.

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