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I am a proud Republican running for Congress because I made a promise. I made a promise to my father that I would change this country back to what it once was – a land of values and integrity. I am not a politician or career bureaucrat. I am a wife, mother, retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and a start-up small business owner. And I’ll make this promise to the people of Arizona – I will fight to repeal Obamacare, replacing it with free market solutions; I will cut spending and debt; I will get government out of the way of small businesses; and I will pass a balanced budget amendment

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Wendy Rogers Reacts to Statement by Senator Russell Pearce

“As a mother and a grandmother, I say Senator Pearce has inflicted a deep wound on moms and kids. As Republicans, we celebrate family, embrace mothers and most of all, love our precious children.”

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Wendy Rogers Attacks Sinema for Weak Record on Defense as ISIS Threat Dominates National Conversation

“This requires a strong response.”

(PHOENIX, AZ) – Wendy Rogers has issued the following statement on the ISIS threat:

“ISIS is a major threat to our national security, and as a retired Lieutenant Colonel, I can tell you this requires a strong response. Reports indicate that ISIS might attempt to infiltrate our borders, and we need a representative in Congress who will make the right decisions on national defense,” said Wendy Rogers.

“Kyrsten Sinema has the wrong priorities. When asked for her position on ISIS, she responded with the typical D.C. answer – that she requested a briefing and would wait to make a decision before hearing all the facts, which is code for ‘I’m going to wait to see what party leadership says.’ National security requires a strong resolve to defend the safety of our nation, and that is something that Kyrsten Sinema does not have,” Rogers continued.

“Just after the horrific events of September 11, 2001, Sinema joined the Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice, a group which called military force ‘an inappropriate response to terrorism.’ She personally wrote that she and the group were ‘opposed to the use of violence and weapons in all situations’ and ‘believe in world disarmament.’ In 2006, she wrote to someone that she “[has] always and will always continue to oppose war in all its forms.’[1] Does this sound like the record of someone who will be strong on national defense? I don’t think so.”

“I believe that Senator McCain is right about the need for a strong response to ISIS, and I also agree that the Obama plan to deal with ISIS will not do enough to keep America safe. As he said, half measures are not enough to get the job done, and because of President Obama’s half measure-centric approach to foreign policy and national security our nation is at risk of attacks by ISIS and other aggressors. This requires a strong response. When Congress is asked to vote on authorizing the use of force against ISIS, Arizona deserves a Representative who will not just toe the party line. We cannot continue the Obama strategy of showing weakness to those who wish us harm.”


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ICYMI – AZ Republic Exposes Controversy in Sinema’s First Ad

Did you hear the news?

This morning, the Arizona Republic reported on the controversy surrounding Rep. Kyrsten Sinema’s television ad that focuses on a Veteran’s suicide:

A top VA official pushed back against the ad.

In a Sept. 4 email to Phoenix VA staffers, acting Director Glenn Costie disputed the ad’s characterization of VA care for Daniel Somers, though he did not explicitly name Kyrsten Sinema or Somers. The agency confirmed the email’s authenticity to The Republic.

“Phoenix staff, I want to pass on the rest of the story concerning the campaign ad being shown in our area regarding a Veteran who hurt himself,” Costie wrote. “I think it is important that we fill in some of the gaps of information from the ad.”

Costie said Daniel Somers was seeing a private healthcare provider at the time of his death and that records showed nothing unusual while he was under VA care.

“It appears the Veteran was getting his care in the private sector after May 2009 . . . He committed suicide on or about June 10, 2013,” Costie wrote. “Several reviews of the Veteran’s records have found that there were no unusual variations in care while the VA was the Veteran’s healthcare provider.”

Wendy Rogers, herself a 5th generation military officer and the Republican candidate in the 9th District, described Sinema’s TV ad as “vile.”

And this isn’t the first time Sinema has gotten into trouble talking about the military.

As further evidence that her Democratic opponent is insincere, Rogers pointed to Sinema’s apology in May for sending a fundraising e-mail that cited the VA crisis.

Sinema’s e-mail asked supporters to sign a petition calling for an investigation of the Phoenix VA, while soliciting contributions for her re-election campaign. Her campaign manager said the e-mail was a mistake by a campaign vendor and promised to make a donation to a veterans group.

Rogers called Sinema’s fundraising plea “absolutely disgusting.”

Sinema has drawn heat on military issues before. In her first run for Congress in 2012, opponents criticized Sinema’s past anti-war activism and comments about closing Luke Air Force Base.”

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Wendy Rogers responded: “No matter what she says, Sinema has never been a friend to the military or to veterans. More profoundly disturbing, Sinema is a self-serving, two-faced, arrogant fraud to think she can perpetrate her ‘affection-for-the-military’ ruse on voters. In reality, veterans know she has crossed the line and violated us. I find it sickening that Kyrsten Sinema would air such an ad. It is revolting that she would attempt to exploit a soldier’s suicide for her own political gain.”

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Wendy Rogers Reaches “Young Gun” Status, Top Tier for NRCC Recruitment Program

(PHOENIX) – Today, the National Republican Congressional Committee announced that Wendy Rogers has achieved “Young Gun” status in the NRCC’s recruitment program, which recognizes top-tier campaigns.

“I want to thank the NRCC for recognizing me as part of their Young Guns program. I believe that this district needs a strong leader who will stand up for Arizona, not stand behind the Obama administration and government bureaucrats as KyrstenSinema has done,” said Wendy Rogers.

She continued, “Kyrsten Sinema has failed Arizona. She said she would change the way things are done in Congress, but instead she has just given us more of the same. She voted against pay cuts for Members of Congress and banning their taxpayer-funded first class airfare. When the people of her district needed her most during the Phoenix VA scandal, she refused to lead. Instead, she stood by the bureaucracy, calling for hearings and studies instead of immediate action. Arizona doesn’t need a cheerleader for the Obama administration, we need a real leader. If elected, I will lead the way on policies to reduce the size of government, grow our economy, and protect our freedoms.”

Wendy Rogers is a 5th-generation U.S. military officer, having retired from the U.S. Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel. She was one of the Air Force’s first 100 women pilots. She has made defending our veterans’ access to healthcare, education, and jobs one of her top campaign priorities. Wendy Rogers has been married to her husband, Hal, for 36 years. They have two children and two grandchildren.


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Wendy Rogers Advances to ‘Young Gun’

Arizona Congressional Candidate Advances in the Young Guns Program

WASHINGTON - The National Republican Congressional Committee announced today that Wendy Rogers has reached ‘Young Gun’ status, the top tier of the Committee’s recruitment program. She has reached the ‘Young Gun’ level by establishing a clear path to victory through her ability to build a formidable campaign structure and achieve important goals and benchmarks. Originally founded in the 2007-2008 election cycle by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the Young Guns program supports and mentors challenger and open-seat candidates in races across the country. Rogers is running in Arizona’s 9th Congressional District.

“Our job as a committee is to help elect Republicans to office that will serve as a check and balance on the Obama administration,” said NRCC Chairman Greg Walden. “Wendy has outlined conservative principles that will grow jobs, stop the harmful effects of ObamaCare, and get Washington’s spending under control. Wendy has met a series of rigorous goals that will put her in a position to win on Election Day.”

Wendy Rogers is a 5th generation military officer, spending 20 years in the Air Force and rising to the rank of Lt. Colonel. She was also one of the first 100 female pilots in the Air Force. She is a noted small business owner, running a property inspection company since 1997.

Wendy and her husband, Hal, have been married for 35 years. She has two children and two grandchildren.


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Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Airs Shameful Ad Exploiting Veteran’s Suicide

(TEMPE, AZ) – Democrat Kyrsten Sinema recently launched a political ad entitled “Daniel” centering on the heartbreaking suicide of a soldier suffering from PTSD.

“I find it sickening that Kyrsten Sinema would air such an ad. It is revolting that she would attempt to exploit a soldier’s suicide for her own political gain. As a veteran and social worker, I find this ad to be exploitative, offensive, and in poor taste. It is absolutely vile that Kyrsten Sinema and her campaign team would even consider an ad like this, and I hope that she will immediately cease airing this ad and issue an apology,” said Wendy Rogers.

“By launching such a tasteless ad, Kyrsten Sinema is trying to distract from her record, as her rhetoric does not match reality. In 2012, she ran for Congress on the promise that she would help clear the VA backlog. Even though she knew there was a problem long before the issue hit national headlines when at least 40 veterans died, she did nothing to fix it. Sinema is a career bureaucrat and she has taken the typical Washington DC approach, standing by her fellow bureaucrats and calling for studies rather than immediate action. This has left veterans waiting for answers while Sinema puts her fellow bureaucrats ahead of her constituents,” said Rogers’ campaign manager, Martin Mastro. “Meanwhile, Wendy Rogers was the first to call for system administrators and VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign, and she also urged the adoption of several policy proposals to help get the VA back on the right track. Arizona voters want a congresswoman who will focus on cutting through bureaucracy and getting the job done, not another career bureaucrat like Kyrsten Sinema who thinks that do-nothing government is acceptable. Our veterans deserve better.”

Wendy Rogers is a 5th-generation U.S. military officer, having retired from the U.S. Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel. She was one of the first 100 women to serve as a pilot in the Air Force, and she has made defending our veterans’ access to healthcare, education, and jobs one of her top campaign priorities.


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Election Night Celebration

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Rogers comes out on top in CD 9 primary

Via East Valley Tribune

With close to 60 percent of the votes in the Republican primary Wendy Rogers will face Kyrsten Sinema for the Congressional District 9 seat in the November General Election.

Unofficial results released Tuesday night have Rogers ahead of competitor Andrew Walter. With all precincts reporting Walter had 40.37 percent of the votes while Rogers had 59.13 percent.

Rogers celebrated with volunteers at Manuel’s Mexican Food in Tempe. She stood to address the crowd as soon as called the race.

“We’re going to win this district,” she said. “I will represent you in the United States Congress. I want to make sure I don’t forget to tell you that we ran a spirited campaign. I’m grateful to my opponent Andrew Walter. I really truly look forward to him getting on board with us, his supporters and his friends… We’re one step closer but the 69-day race starts right now.”

Rogers has an extensive military background, which her campaign has focused on. She also owns a small business and is a mother. Her grown children stood by her side Tuesday night.

“I will be a worker and a fighter,” she said. “Who will we face? Our congresswoman, Kyrsten Sinema, who has been a cheerleader for the President. Who has been a career politician. We will change that. I’m going to Washington and I will fight. I will fight for families. I will fight for policies that grow our economy, increase our incomes, reign in wasteful spending and I’m going to keep it short because you know what we’re going to do tomorrow morning? We’re going to wake up and have a big meeting.”

There was a much smaller crowd at the Walter campaign headquarters.

“I was told early on 80 percent of the members of congress right now lost their first time out,” Walter told his supporters. “Unfortunately, not everyone is an Arizona State football fan… There’s no way we’re going to look back on this and say we should have done anything differently.”

District 9 is considered a competitive district.

Ahwatukee Foothills is also part of a competitive legislative district. In District 18 Jill Norgaard and Bob Robson came out ahead in Tuesday night’s results in the race for House of Representatives. Both will face Democrat Mitzi Epstein in the general election.

With all precincts reporting Norgaard had 31.77 percent of the votes while Robson had 30.55 percent. John King came in with 20.88 percent of the votes and David Pheanis had 16.55 percent.

Jeff Dial got the most votes for LD 18 Senate. With all precincts reporting he had 59.77 percent of the votes compared to Tom Morrissey’s 39.96 percent. Dial will face Democrat Janie Hydrick in the general election.

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